Webkinz Killer

Sunday 19 February 12 00:23
In 2007 rumours started about a webkinz killer and peoples webkinz dying. Some of the most popular were:

If you go into the clinic and click on the poster 32 times Dr Quack will kill your webkinz with a chainsaw.

A message pops up saying that you have won a prize, and three boxes appear. If you click the black box your webkinz gets beaten to death, If you click the yellow box all your stuff gets stolen and if you click the red box Ms Birdy will stab your webkinz with a knife.

A bear or chihuahua will stalk your webkinz and stab them to death.

You will get a black envelope and when you open it a penguin with red eyes will come and the screen will go black and when it comes back your webkinz will be dead.

Who is the killer?
Although some stories have different killers, in many the killer is Dr Quack or Ms Birdy.

What proof is there?
There are lots of stories about people witnessing the murders and some photos and videos.

Here are some links that feature stories, photos and videos:

If you have any stories, videos or photos please email them to me at creepykinz@yahoo.co.uk, leave a comment or private message on my youtube account CreepyKinz or leave a comment here.
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  • webkinz543100


    its dr quack and mis birdy

    Monday 20 February 12 22:41

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